Portrait Dirk Hunke


Certified Optician
Specialist for multifocal glasses


In 1995 I completed my degree as a state-certified optician in Berlin and, thereafter, I continued to extend my knowledge in everyday professional practice. My main focus is thorough eye testing and vision counselling in order to find perfectly matching lenses for everyone and, in that way, to ensure relaxed and comfortable vision. As an active marathon runner and triathlete – wearing glasses myself – I know the needs of ametropic sportsmen and look for the suitable solution to enable you to perform your sport in a safe, successful and easy manner.




portrait jutta hunke


Certified Optician
Specialist for bespoke eyewear


After I received my state-certified opticians´ degree in 1995, I gained professional experience in a number of different companies. In my job I´m especially interested in the aesthetical aspect – hence my fascination for our bespoke eyewear which allows us to create the optimal shape for every face. To further improve my skills, I undertook intensive training with London´s eyewear designer Tom Davies. In matters of colours, I also continued to learn: at Angelika Encke´s, a renowned style consultant. All that is aimed at finding the perfect glasses for you – with optimal shape and true-to-type colour.




portrait ronny laemmel


Specialist for sports glasses


To supply our clients with the appropriate sports glasses has always been of major concern to me. Consequently, after I had finished my basic training as an optician, I improved my skills regarding every aspect of sports optics by means of further education as well as through years of experience in everyday practice. As the technical aspect of my profession is also of great interest to me, I am therefore able to happily assemble your new glasses with the highest possible degree of precision and skill.